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Ethan Phillips, Sous Chef

As sous chef, Ethan Phillips, brings his years of culinary expertise to M & E’s, where his menu of shareable Southern & BBQ Cuisine compliments the restaurant’s selfless service, modern design, and elegant flavor.

His deep affection for taste inspires his love for cooking, where he is able to create innovative flavors and dishes in the kitchen. Having spent a decade honing his skills, Ethan is very thankful for his journey and future opportunities. Fortunate to begin this new journey within a family-oriented and nurturing environment, he is eager to begin sharing his love for culinary art with others (adults and children).

Ethan is dedicated to running an uplifting kitchen that embraces learning, teaching, leading by example, and creating strong bonds while maintaining a high bar of excellence. Intent on increasing his skill and evolving into a strong chef and leader, Ethan has continuously practiced his skill and embarked upon various hands-on learning sessions with his dad and late mother, Anne.

M & E’s is a restaurant that closely reflects his personal values. Ethan is excited to offer you his menu and Capture your taste as he takes you on this journey of delicacy.

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